What you need to know before curtain installation

So you have finally received the custom design curtains that you ordered online. The right set of curtains cam completely change the way your room looks and also it allows you much needed privacy. although you might feel like installing curtains and using a ladder would be a hazard, hanging the curtain the right way is a quick and easy task if you have got the right kind of tools at hand. The following is a step by step guide for curtain installation to help you set those curtains up.

Tips from the experts at curtain installation Sydney

The first thing that you need to do before installing the curtain is to gather everything that you require in order to hang it. You need to have a curtain rod and the necessary hardware along with the ladder and the tape measure. You would also need a pencil and a drill in order to make the holes where you plan to hang the rod.

The next step is to take the measurements. Measure your Windows from the height where you want to place the rock till the end. In order to determine the length of the rod you need to measure the width of the window and at least 8 to 10 inches. Keep in mind that the curtain panel needs to be at least as wide as your window to measure from the spot where you plan to hang the Rod, which is usually 6 inches above the window. Also need to measure till the end of the floor to figure out the length of the curtains. You may want to add some extra length if you want the drapes to pool.

The next step you need to take is to install the brackets. For this you might need to use a pencil in order to make a determined point which is at least 6 inches from the side of the window frame. Doing so would allow you to open the curtains completely. also make sure that your pencil marks are at a same level otherwise the whole curtain might end up looking crooked.

Depending on the type of the bracket you may want to install the rod into the bracket before you replace the Finial. The bracket would also have a number of screws in order to keep the rod in place.

When you have your curtains closer to the ceilings it can create of illusion of greater height. You also need to invest in a classic design which doesn’t go out of style. One of the biggest things that you need to consider when finding a design is that it shouldn’t be too fussy. You can have multiple fabrics sewed together to create a customized look and by adding a beautiful dream you can create a unique pattern which gives your curtain a modern and innovative style.

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