Top Benefits of Custom Curtain Installation

Your home reflects your taste and lifestyle. Your home is furnished with your preferred furniture style and painted with colours you like. The art you display on your walls tells a lot about you.

You take extra care in choosing the best kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles. Yet, the window design is the thing you often overlook. You may opt to install high-quality windows but protecting them is not included in the equation.

It’s always an afterthought for you to consider shades, blinds, and curtains. You only think of curtains when you realise you need to protect your privacy or too much sunlight enters your home.

Custom curtain installation is worth a thought if you suddenly consider window protection. You might not think that custom curtain installation provides benefits but they do. Here’s how:

They are precisely measured to your windows

You’ll likely get stuck with limited options such as size and pattern when you opt for store-bought curtains. You find out too late that the curtains you bought from the store could not fit your windows. Controlling your privacy and the desired amount of sunlight entering your home is compromised.

Choosing to go with custom curtain installations provides your windows with the exact size, colours, textures, and patterns. A professional will visit your home to take precise measurements ensures that the curtains installed will be the right fit.

Work with the aesthetic decor of your home

Working with a professional custom window installer is like working with an interior designer. The professional curtain installer will show you a wide variety of window dressing that will complement your home’s decor.

Questions about the insulating or light qualities of curtains are also answered by a professional window treatment installer. They will also provide you excellent pieces of advice and suggestions about ways to boost the present decor of the home with help from the right type of curtains.

You get to choose the materials and fabric that you like

Purchasing whatever curtains are in stock in the store is not the smartest way to resolve your issues with privacy, proper shading, and aesthetics. Special curtain patterns and fabrics you see online or in magazines are not likely available with home furnishing stores.

Purchasing fabrics and finding someone to sew them as curtains can be done. However, the limited cloth patterns and colours can be frustrating. The best way to select the fabric, exact size, colour, pattern, and style of curtains you want as window dressing is to work with a professional custom curtain installer.

Customised window dressing

The details of your window coverings are another factor worth considering. Things such as custom trim for drapes or specific hardware to use are important details that need to be addressed.

Hiring the services of a professional curtain installer allows you to add specific details to the curtain installation.

A more energy-efficient home

Losing as much as 30% of the heating energy in the home is through the windows. Sunlight that comes into the home during the summer season can quickly heat it even with air conditioning.

A home maintains a comfortable temperature during summer and winter with the help of curtains. As window dressings, they can lower the heat index as well as maintain warmth during the cold season.

Now that you’ve seen the multiple advantages of custom curtain installations Gold Coast, the only thing left for you to do is to contact us so that we can give you an estimate.

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