CDC approval of cleaning product that works

Cleaning and disinfecting may sound as if they are related. However, if one looks closely, it’s far easier to tell if something is clean using the eyes than telling whether a clean surface has been properly disinfected. 

What is CDC approval?

CDC approval is vital to ensure that the right cleaning and disinfectant product is used. It tests and confirms that a cleaning product can also be used as a disinfectant and that it actually works in eliminating viruses and other germs on cleaned surfaces.  

During the ongoing corona epidemic, it would be a disaster to use cleaning and disinfecting products that do not have CDC approval. Imagine a situation where such a product is used in a working environment that holds many people. The risk of contracting the disease on the surface would likely be higher should such a cleaning agent not be used. That’s why it could be mandatory to have CDC approval in this pandemic era.

What is the CDC recommended cleaning and disinfecting products?

1. Bleaches

Diluted chlorine-based bleaches have CDC approval. The only thing that they recommend is that one should check out the expiry date. When using the product, they recommend that the right ratio of the bleach to water should be applied for it to work properly.

CDC also ranks the product as a dangerous chemical that should only be used in areas that are well ventilated.

   2. Alcoholic disinfectants

Alcohol is another product that has CDC approval. It’s a good disinfectant; it recommends not less than seventy percent alcoholic level to work well in eliminating viruses on a cleaned surface.

They don’t allow the use of liquor for the purpose, terming it not enough to eliminate the viruses.

  3. Commercially based cleaners and disinfectants

CDC approval for the products calls for proper labelling of the ingredient that’s concerned with the elimination of the germs (either bleach or alcohol).

What are some of the cleaning tips for different surfaces?

  • For soft surfaces, CDC recommends using soap and water or any other cleaning agents that are mended for such surfaces and have CDC approval. Towels or rugs used in the process should always be cleaned after a couple of days, according to the body.
  • For electronics, CDC approval goes for alcohol-based cleaners. The alcoholic content for such cleaners should not be below 65%. Drying of the electronic surfaces should be done after the use of such cleaning agents.
  • For homes, CDC approval goes for alcohol-based cleaners, which are a necessity during the pandemic. They recommend cleaning all the household surfaces, including windows, doorknobs, floors, and furniture.
  • For sturdy surfaces, CDC recommends using disposable gloves for the purpose of COVID-19 or any other cleaning reasons. The hands should also be thoroughly cleaned after the activity to decrease any chances of getting the disease.

While there are many cleaning and disinfectants out there, it’s highly recommended that one should only use those that have the CDC approval since the body has taken a step in testing the products that it has recommended. If ignored, the risk of the products that do not pass CDC approval stands a higher chance of catching diseases, especially the highly contagious COVID-19 virus.

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