5 Reasons Why Renovating Your House Is Better Than Buying a New One

Unlike the famous saying goes all that glitters is not gold. Our heart gets fulfilled with the things we have too soon and we start holding onto hopes of newer versions of those things. Little do we know, what we have can be gold too and all that needs to be done is a little polishing. To put it clearly, why go through the hassle of buying a new house when you can renovate and make the existing one new! Here are five reasons why doing so is much better.

Smart Use of Money 

Buying a house requires a lot of capital investment. While home renovations extensions adelaide can be very costly too, they will still be cheaper than buying a house (if you haven’t hit the jackpot and intend to move to a mansion). In the money that you will use to buy a house, you can renovate your home from renewing, replacing to even building. It is all about working out a well thought plan.

Sentimental Value

Good or bad, memories are memories. Houses are home to love and warmth. Whether it was home with your parents, grandparents, siblings, partner, or children, all the memories that you have lived in your house make it a cherish-able possession. Many people inherit family homes and one should never let go of such heritage, for it is a part of your identity. Again, you can make changes and bring a new touch to the old, preserving it and making it comfortable for the times ahead.

Increase Market Value

By renovating your house you increase its market value. While market value won’t be of much use to you now but down the line increased market value of your house can help in unforeseen circumstances. Also, renovating is like investing in your property. You can opt for renovation so that after sometime your current house pays off better than it did before and then you can look to change if you really need to. If you have a mortgage on your house you should go for renovation because it will buy you time till the equity increases, leading to a more profitable sale in future.

Zero Cost of Moving

Moving can be very tough in terms of money and the chaos it generates in your life. Renovating can help you make your current house new while also saving you the trouble and cost of moving. The transportation, packing and other hindrances can disrupt an entire family’s daily lives and not to forget the amount of time it takes to really settle down in a new place.

Get All You Want

In buying a new house, you’re just paying for something someone made as per their preference and even though it may appeal to you, you would still want to make some changes as per your own self. The easier and much more convenient course would be to renew your own house and make changes in this, at a lesser cost serving more utility and losing nothing.

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