3 tips for sustainable travel

The more you reduce your luggage (in size and weight), the lower the fuel consumption and therefore your journey will be more eco-sustainable. This reasoning applies to any means of transport you have decided to use: bus, car, plane, etc.

Try to keep your bag size the size of a standard size bag. It may seem impossible, but if you search on Pinterest or YouTube, you will find a lot of tips to maximize a small amount of luggage space by choosing the right clothing.

You can often leave some items at home, such as your hairdryer, which you can usually find for free in the hotel room.

Do you have other ecological credentials?
Is it part of any environmental association?
What does the hotel do to reduce consumption? (low energy consumption CFL lighting, solar energy, etc.) Can I opt for not having clean towels and sheets every day?

Do they use zero-mile or organic food in their restaurant or breakfast? (as for example this beautiful bio-farmhouse in Umbria) Together with what the hotel does, here are some simple actions you can do:

Turn off and unplug all appliances when leaving the room.

Minimize the use of air conditioning or heating, just like you should when you are at home. Give up daily cleaning and fresh sheets and towels to save energy and water. Bring your toiletries, rather than using the poorly packaged bottles.

Recycle: A quick Google search for “recycling recovery in [city name]” will tell you where to go if the hotel doesn’t offer recycling.

Preferably, eat local foods like you already do at home and that you can do anywhere in the world, such as for recycling, going on foot or by public transport, instead of renting a car, etc.

Whenever possible, opt for the bus or train instead of the plane for medium-distance travel. According to the environmental association UCS, two people traveling by bus instead of by plane can reduce CO2 emissions from 55 to 75% depending on the duration of the trip.

If you really have to travel by car, for less fuel consumption, make sure that the tires are correctly inflated, the oil has been changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and your car has had a recent overhaul. Drive as if you are in no hurry, even if you are, as the more aggressive you drive, the higher the fuel consumption.

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